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Market Street Cafe

Market Street Cafe & Market is a collaboration of passions of the two masterminds, Chef Sutton & Shelby VanGunten. Chef Sutton has been in the food industry for 20 years including experience working with a French Master Chef, five years at Whole Foods Market, five years owning and  operating Gonzo Juice in Austin and more. Pastry Chef Shelby is a phenomenal pastry craftsman predominantly self taught after growing up learning from mom and her aunts. Shelby makes fresh sourdough every week from her family's 30 year old starter. Together they round out a delicious menu.

His creativity and passion for food have given him the opportunity to own and operate two cafes and two food truck operations throughout his career. He has also supervised and has been the food and safety educator at Whole Foods Inc. Sutton knows his flavors and he has taken joy in creating special spice blends for his ever-evolving menus. His wife Shelby is a self-taught Pastry Chef who grew up in central Texas learning to cook from her elders and always exploring new ideas. The last few years have seen her blossom into a very talented Chef.